Ekadashi Upvaas

By heygobind Date June 9, 2021

Ekadashi Upvaas might be vital & useful for all householders. Upvaas manner Up-Vaas i.e., to measure near God. the rationale of fasting is to enjoy peace & bliss. Eating much less permits the mind & frame to feature extra effectively.
Rules of Ekadashi Vow
On the already dark of Dashami, workout whole celibacy and abstain from worldly pleasures. On the morning of Ekadashi, do now not use toothpaste or any shape of stick; as an alternate bite leaves from lemon, or mango and smooth your throat the utilization of your fingers. it's likewise forbidden to pluck leaves from trees, for this reason best use leaves which have fallen off. If this is not always possible, gargle your mouth twelve instances the utilization of water.
Then after taking morning bath, recite Gita or concentrate thereto at an equivalent time as examine with the help of using Purohits. One should take an oath within the front of Lord, "Today, i will be able to now not communicate to humans engaged in stealing, deceit or sinful sports and will now not act to harm anyone. i will be able to provide meals to cows, brahmins et al. to thrill them. i will be able to live wakeful tonight and do kirtan. Do japa of AUM NAMO BHAGAWATE VASUDEVAYA, will make Ram, Krishna, Narayana and different Vishnusahasranaam the embellishes of my neck." Take this oath at an equivalent time as remembering Shri Vishnu and pray to him: "Oh, Master of all 3 worlds! you're my saving grace; so, please provide me the facility to end this vow." Maintaining reticence, studying Gita, Ramcharitmans etc. books, doing kirtan,.
On the day of Ekadashi, do now not eat beverages make from impure stuff. Do now not drink bloodless beverages, acids or fruit juices saved in containers. Do now not consume food twice. Do now not eat ice-cream or fried foods. Sustaining on outcome or fruit juices extracted at domestic or little milk or water is especially useful. On the three days of this vow (Dashami, Ekadashi and Dwadashi), prevent from ingesting on brass utensils, meat, onion, garlic, lentils like masoor, urad, chana, Kodo (a quite grain), spinach, honey, oil and atyambupan (consuming immoderate water) - Do now not eat these. On the day before (Dashami) and therefore the day after (Dwadashi), have a 1 time meal of Havishyanna (Jawar, wheat, moong, rock salt, black pepper, sugar, cow ghee etc.). If you're ingesting best outcome, prevent from eating carrot, cauliflower, shaljam, spinach, spinach et al.. Mango, grapes, banana, nuts, pistachios and different elixir outcome should be consumed. One should simply abstain from gambling, sleeping, consuming, vilification of others, and backbiting, stealing, violence, copulation, expressing anger and announcing lie or dishonest and different sinful sports.
If you've mistakenly spoken to an individual who vilifies others, then you actually should study the solar to rid yourself of this offence and additionally worship Shri Naryana with the help of using lighting lamp and burning incense and invite forgiveness. One should additionally now not sweep flooring with inside the domestic, because it includes the fear of killing small ants or different microscopic organisms. Do now not reduce hair during this day. Speak softly and do now not communicate excessively because it could every so often cause announcing matters which may be unworthy. Always communicate the reality. On today, donate grains to others as keep together with your potential however by no means eat meals that has been provided on donation. Consume best after supplying it to the lord at the side of Tulsi leaves. If any relative dies at the day of Ekadashi, then one should study vow thereon day after which give its outcome to the deceased.
Considering each residing being as an embodiment of the last word self, one should by no means attempt to mislead or cheat anyone. Patience usually bears sweetness. Cultivate compassion on your heart. Observing the vow withinside the above stated way gets the last word fruit. On Dwadashi, provide sweets, donations to brahmins and circumambulate them on the thanks to please them. .
Rule for final vow: .
On Dwadashi, make fourteen portions of seven seeds of roasted gram chana and throw them within the direction of your returned at an equivalent time as sitting on the world of worship. “All my verbal, physical, intellectual sins of my beyond seven lives were undone.” With this faith, take seven handful (anjali) of water and consume seven seeds of gram (chana) to finish the vow.

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